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Sculture Creator Water Wax

Apply to damp hair with the hands to create a perfect wet look. Use on dry hair to create glossy styling gentle hold. Format: 75ml jar Product Code: 170968000

Sculture Desing Jelly Gel

Fast action gel with Regular hold power, use to create natural-looking volume and long-lasting hold. Format: 150ml-30ml jar Product Code: 170974000

Sculture Eco Spray

A no gas hair spray, use on dry hair for stronghold. Creates volume without weighing down the hair. Format: 250ml can Product Code: 170965000

Sculture Extrastrong Gel

Adds volume and definition. Apply to dry hair using your hands. Format: 150ml tube Product Code: 170961000

Sculture Extrastrong Spray Gel

Apply to wet hair before blow-drying, to define, personalize, and create style. Format: 250ml pump bottle Product Code: 170966000

Sculture Shining Gel Mousse

Styles wavy hair. Ideal for well-defined hairstyles and curls with glossy effect. Format: 300ml can Product Code: 170964000

Sculture Sleek Spray

Emphasises hairstyle detail and adds a shiny, personalized effect. Format: 200ml pump bottle Product Code: 170962000

Sculture Strong Mousse

Apply to wet hair and comb it through to define your style. Excellent support when blow-drying. Non-flaky. Format: 300ml can Product Code: 170963000

Sculture Styling Gum

Applied to dry hair to personalize hairstyles, so versatile enables you to enjoy your creativity. Format: 150ml – 30ml jar Product Code: 170967000