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Linfa Booster Lightener Powder

The special lightening enhancer for treated hair, when used with Linfa Schiarente and Developers, lightens by 6 tones while caring for the hair. Lightening Booster lotion contains: PQ10-for a great conditioning and detangling effect, improving combability and Rice Starch – for protective, moisturising and softening actions. Size: 12 x 25 gr Item Code: 150007000

Linfa Oil On the Scalp Lightener

A delictate oil based hair-lightening lotion formulated with olives and sweet almonds. Has an intense conditioning effect. It is extra-gentle, guaranteeing maximum care for skin and hair. Lifts hair by up to shades, and can be used for on the scalp techniques. Size: 500 mL Item Code: 150547000