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Developer Special Blue

It’s designed for extreme-precision coloring and shiny shimmering cosmetic lightening-treatments. It mixes easily with colorants and bleaches, it has a perfect creamy consistency. It protects, moisturises and adheres to the hair. Ideal for streaks, highlights and intense bleaching. Size: 1000 ml. Strength : 20 Volume , 30 Volume , 40 Volume   

Light Scale Up to 9

The new professional high performance decolorizer is a white powder that makes it easier to identify the level of decolorization that you have achieved. Lifts by up to 9 levels. Non volatile. Low ammonia content. Pleasant fragrance. Strong Hydrating and Conditioning powder. Fast acting than the majority of other bleachers. Easy to blend and apply. Suitable for all decolorizing techniques. Enriched with Amminosugar Care Complex to preserve and protect the hair?s keratin structure, our non volatile lightening powder harnesses the power of cysteine and glycine to strengthen hair during the lightening process. Size: 500 gr Item Code: 150025000