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Keraplant Nature – Bowl

Bowl for mixing products. Item Code: 251057000

Keraplant Nature – Clutch Bag

Durable, lightweight zip-top closure clutch. Great organizer for traavel essentials. Item Code: 650515000

Keraplant Nature – Expo Display

Expo Display for Keraplant Nature products. Item Code: 251064000

Keraplant Nature – Large Comb

Wide-tooth wooden comb ideal for detangling and distribution of conditioners and treatments. Item Code: 251055000

Keraplant Nature – Small Comb

Small thhoth wooden comb ideal for styling. No frizz, no damage and no breakage. Item Code: 251054000

Keraplant Nature – Towel

Super absorbent microfiber towel. Item Code: 251044000

Keraplant Nature – Tray

Display tray and product organizer. Item Code: 251056000

Keraplant Nature – Trolly/Display Stand

Display Trolly for Keraplant Nature products. Item Code: 251065000

Keraplant Nature – Turban

Milti use hair wrap, perfect for washes and treatments. Item Code: 251045000

Keraplant Nature Detoxifying Mud

Detoxifying Mud, enriched with green clay and eucalyptus, rosemary, and sage essential oils, is a detoxifying balancing mud for eliminating physiological and environmental (from pollution) toxins and impurities that accumulate on the scalp causing irritation, itching, sebaceous secretions, and skin peeling. This targeted detoxifying treatment restores the original balance of the skin, enabling it to benefit more from the following phases. Format: 250ml tube Item Code: 220014000

Keraplant Nature Energizing Essential Oil

Essential Oil is a natural aromatic complex that revitalizes and energizes the scalp and hair, restoring the scalp’s functions, creating the best conditions for hair growth. Formulated with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, geranium, and thyme. Format: 30ml bottle Item Code: 220011000

Keraplant Nature Energizing Shampoo

Energizing Shampoo with energizing effect to treat cases of hair loss. Enriched with Trichocomplex and ginseng extract, it revitalizes and tones the scalp. Size: 100ml , 250ml , 1000ml.