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Sculture Sleek Spray

Emphasises hairstyle detail and adds a shiny, personalized effect. Format: 200ml pump bottle Product Code: 170962000

Sculture Strong Mousse

Apply to wet hair and comb it through to define your style. Excellent support when blow-drying. Non-flaky. Format: 300ml can Product Code: 170963000

Sculture Styling Gum

Applied to dry hair to personalize hairstyles, so versatile enables you to enjoy your creativity. Format: 150ml – 30ml jar Product Code: 170967000

Shopping Bag

Dispensing Pump for T.C.R Shampoos and Conditioners. Fits 1000ml bottle. Item Code: 250995000

Splasher – Multi Service Color

Multi-function permanent coloring cream which enables multiple services in a single product. It’s 6 natural pigments exactly mirror the pure colors in the Oswald Color Star. Recoloring, toning product, intensifying product, perfect as an overlay color that creates rich and fashion effects.

Splashers Color Chart

Professional color chart great for education and salon stylis. Item Code: 251419000

T.C.R Chroma Care Protective Mask

It’s formla, free of Parabens and Colorants and enriched with Sunflower Extract, Ceramide A2 and Chroma Care Complex, is ideal for de-tangling and hydrating colored and sensitised hair. It helps to close the cuticle, adding shine and protects the hair from external agents.

T.C.R Chroma Care Revitalizing Shampoo

It’s acid pH formula, free of Parabens, Colorants and Sulphites, enriched with Sunflower Extract, Ceramide A2 and Chroma Care Complex, gives essential protection, enhanances color effects and makes hair colors and bleach effects last longer.

T.C.R Color Care After Color Acid Shampoo

Its acid pH formula enriched with Blueberry Extract, Ceramide A2, and Color Care Complex is free of Parabens, Colorants, SLS, SLES, and Silicones. It ensures that hair colors last longer, so it is important to use after coloring and bleaching. After Color Acid Shampoo closes down the cuticle and eliminates and traces of alkalinity from the skin and dhair, leaving hair radiant, smooth, and full of body.

T.C.R Color Care Barrier Cream

It’s a formula, free of Parabens, Colorants, and Silicones and enriched with Blueberry Extract, Ceramide A2, and Color Care Comples, conditions and protects the appearance of the skin during hair coloring. The cream prevents stains from hair coloring on thes kin during the color treatment and can be used before or after the color application. Size: 150 mL Product Code: 230002000

T.C.R Color Care PH Balancer Conditioner

It’s formula, enriched with Blueberry Extract, Ceramide A2, and Color Care Comples, is free of Parabens, Colorants, and Silicones. It totoally re-balances the natural pH levels of the hair and hydrates the hair shaft.

T.C.R Curly Care Cowash

Co-wash, is a cleansing and washig meathod that only uses conditioner. Hair is cleansed by the delicate surfactants of the conditioner, combined with sugar to obtain gentle exfoliation makes it ideal for skin that is very dry. It’s hydrating power helps tame curly or wavy hair, detangeling it and leaving it soft, silky and shiny. It’s free of Parabens, Colorants, Sulphates and Silicon. Thanks to the formular enriched with Brazil nut extract, Ceramide A2, Curly Care Complex, curls are bouncy or glossy. Size: 150 mL Product Code: 180046000