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LK OPC Color Chart Light

Professional color chart great for education and salon stylis. Item Code: 251162000

Man Anti-Dandruff Purifying Shampoo

Removes existing dandruff and prevents its reformation, giving volume and brilliance. Delicately cleanses and moisturizes the hair and brings relief to the scalp. The blend of organic and ginseng extracts has softening and regenerative properties. Format: 250ml bottle Product Code: 110124000

Man Color

The new Man Color is a professional hair color product for men. It’s different from a standard dye: it doesn’t cover completely white hairs, but it softly masks them in just 5 minutes, enhancing a natural ‘salt and pepper’ appearance. It’s 100% ammonia free. Protects the lasting of the color after many shampoos.

Man Densifying Shampoo for Normal Hair

Particularly suitable for frequent use, this shampoo delicately cleanses while caring for the scalp. With ginseng extract and soy proteins, it fortifies and protects normal hair from external agents, giving it brilliance and has an anti-aging effect. Format: 250ml bottle Product Code: 110123000

Man Semi-Matte Wax

Ideal for when a glossy effect is not desired. Lightly defines, eliminates frizz, and gives strength to the hair. It creates a delicate texture and a natural movement. Format: 100ml jar Product Code: 170953000

Man Strong Gel

Perfect control and hold on to short and medium-short hair. Ideal for hairstyles requiring strong style definition and shine. Has excellent hold and does not dry out the hair or leave a residue. Format: 150ml tube. Product Code: 170011000  

Sculture Creator Water Wax

Apply to damp hair with the hands to create a perfect wet look. Use on dry hair to create glossy styling gentle hold. Format: 75ml jar Product Code: 170968000

Sculture Desing Jelly Gel

Fast action gel with Regular hold power, use to create natural-looking volume and long-lasting hold. Format: 150ml-30ml jar Product Code: 170974000

Sculture Eco Spray

A no gas hair spray, use on dry hair for stronghold. Creates volume without weighing down the hair. Format: 250ml can Product Code: 170965000

Sculture Extrastrong Gel

Adds volume and definition. Apply to dry hair using your hands. Format: 150ml tube Product Code: 170961000

Sculture Extrastrong Spray Gel

Apply to wet hair before blow-drying, to define, personalize, and create style. Format: 250ml pump bottle Product Code: 170966000

Sculture Shining Gel Mousse

Styles wavy hair. Ideal for well-defined hairstyles and curls with glossy effect. Format: 300ml can Product Code: 170964000