Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care

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Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care

Say Bye to Dry with Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly Hydrated Hair


Disclaimer: Products were sent for PR purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Is your dry hair driving you insane??

Think the only way you will have smooth hydrated hair is if you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on hair masks?


Turn that frown upside down because I have good news!

And if you were already smiling than prepare to turn this 🙂 into this 😀

Don’t laugh, I never ever kid about emojis.


What The Heck Is With My Hair?

Man oh, man has my hair type changed over the years.


And when I say change I mean transform into totally new hair.


Let Us Chat About The Timeline Of Jaclyn’s Hair!

Baby: BALD

10 years: Totally thin and stringy

14 years: Kinda thin and frizzy

17 years: Dry, frizzy, damaged, ugly

20 years: Getting better, more hydrated and healthy

Present: Pretty damn awesome!!!!


How did this happen?

Here’s the deal, at around 17 was when I started doing my research and experimenting with products that are designed for my hair and have great ingredients.


Feeling Pretty and Confident

Apart of being human is having occasional insecure days. Sometimes for no reason at all, I will look in the mirror and convince myself I am not as pretty as I was the day before.

And the next day I will look in the mirror and be like…

“Oh ya I look insanely awesome.”


I know it is just my mind playing tricks on me, but sometimes feelings happen and you just need to learn how to work with them


It Just Takes 1 Zit!

Even if I have one teeny tiny zit I can feel not so hot.

Healing a zit in 30-60 minutes is not really humanly possible. At least not until an insanely epic zit cream is invented.

If this cream already exists can someone please please please get me one as a present?


So Skin Can’t Be Fixed In An Hour

But you know what can be easily fixed in 30-60 minutes???

A bad hair day!

There are two obvious techniques to fix a bad hair day…

  1. Style it with heat
  2. Wash and treat it with amazing products


Using heat is a great temporary alternative to making your hair look nice…

But using incredible products with high-quality ingredients will actually treat your hair and keep it healthy.

I know what you’re thinking.

Of course products with healthy ingredients are important, but how am I supposed to find any??


Commercials don’t always provide enough information and reading ingredient bottles are super confusing and boring!

Have no fear, Jaclyn is here!

I am going to share with you Lisap Top Care Hydra Care for Perfectly Hydrated Hair.



Fun Facts Of The Collection

  • Zero artificial colorings, sulfates, and parabens
  • Provides hair with hydration and body


Lisap Hydra Care Nourishing Shampoo – $11.95

This stuff makes my hair feel incredibly clean but not stripped.

Sometimes certain shampoos can make your hair too clean.

And by that I mean it feels like the life and natural oils were destroyed.


When I use shampoos that make my hair feel “too clean” my hair just feels frizzy and overall not so hot.

Then we have the total opposite problem where my hair doesn’t feel clean enough.


Cough Cough almost every hotel shampoo!

They are totally fine and do the job if you’re only traveling for a couple days, but over a long period of time… NOPE

I am extremely impressed how great this shampoo is especially for the price.


You Will Judge Me Or Praise Me…

As I am writing this I am on day 3 hair, and my hair feels just as clean as it did 5 hours post hair wash.

I typically find anything more than 3 days pretty gross but I really do not want to wash my hair tonight!

It just feels so good!!!!


Lisap Hydra Care Conditioner – $13.60

Ask any of my friends if you think this is a joke.

I promise it is the truth.


I probably have forced my friends and family to feel how soft my hair has been at least 500 times the past week.

OK, OK… Maybe not 500. Maybe closer to 487.


All kidding aside, my hair is SO soft!

It reminds me of the blanket I have in the family room that all my family and friends obsess over and bring to the dinner table.

Ok, I am really the only one who does that, but if you felt that blanket you would probably bring it everywhere and wear it as a cape.


Lisap Hydra Care Nourishing Cream – $ $15.75

I rarely ever care about packaging “appearance”.

If a bottle is an ugly color or an awkward shape I couldn’t care less.

That is just my personal opinion feel free to disagree.


However, I do care if the package is inconvenient/annoying.



If a product has a lid that is super difficult and sticky to open, now that bugs me!


Now that being said…

The only thing I dislike about cream leave in products is how it can leave an unpleasant residue on your hands.


Have you ever put on a thick hand cream, try to open the door, and your hands are so sticky you can’t open it!

And then you fear you will be locked in the bathroom forever and ever???

You know you do!


As I was about to pour the product into my hand for the first time I said to myself… “Jaclyn keep the door open so you can safely exit the room.”

  1. I applied the cream
  2. Admired myself in the mirror
  3. Liked what I saw
  4. Was ready to go about my day until…


Insert scary movie music

The door was closed!


I was freaking out.

Especially because my mom would have dinner ready any minute.

Want to take a wild guess whether I made my way out or not?

Here is a hint. I am typing this in my bedroom.


Hahaha did you believe that story?

I totally made that up and thought it was extremely funny.


That is my clever way of saying it did not make my hands feel gross at all!

It absorbed into both my hair and skin very quickly. Overall thoughts. I like it!!

Lisap Hydra Care Nourishing Mask – $17.95

If you have been following me for a while or just stalked the heck out of my life…


You may know when I was 16 or so I would mainly use hair masks instead of conditioner because my hair was so dry.

Now I only use masks when I really need them or am just in the mood.

Definitely not every hair wash, though!


My Ultimate Pet Peeve Ever

When people say ” you only need a dime sized amount” 

Agh, it drives me insane.

Someone with hair around 7 inches need way less product than someone with 20 inches!


So for those of you who have the same pet peeve, I will respect you by saying you do not need a dime sized amount of this stuff.

But you likely will need less product than you are used too.


When I try new products for the first time I prefer to use very little the first time just to be on the safe side.


Just so if I have some sort of allergy or sensitivity to the product if I only use a little it won’t be a bit deal.

And if all goes well I will just use more the next time.


So for the first wash, I used a teeny tiny little bit as usual.

The teeny tiny amount I used was the perfect amount!


I love products you need very little of mostly when they are pricey so that way at least I can enjoy it for more than like a week!

This mask is less than 20 bucks! Assuming I use this product 1-2 times a week I can have this for at least 6 months if not more!


Final Thoughts

Now next time you find yourself sitting around styling your dry hair and you would rather be to styling healthy hydrated hair stop what you are doing and visit

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