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May 25, 2016
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May 25, 2016
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Purifying Antidandruff Bath-Purifying Antidandruff Lotion-Antidandruff Peeling


Purifying Antidandruff Bath

This is a special cleansing antidandruff bath with a soothing and antimicrobial action. It helps eliminate dandruff and soothe irritations of the scalp.

Format 500 ml-250 ml Bottle

Purifying Antidandruff Lotion

It’s a special antidandruff treatment. When used on a regular basis, it eliminates dandruff, and leaves the hair shiny and soft.

Format 150 ml Bottle

Antidandruff Peeling

This is a soothing intensive cleansing treatment against dandruff and flaking. It performs an antitoxic and antimycotic action. It normalizes the scalp and prevents irritations.

Format Box containing 4 tubes of 20 ml each