May 25, 2016
Lisap Absolute Spray
May 25, 2016
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Easy Build

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Chelating Capillary Shampoo (Step 1)

Formulated with keratin and vitamin hydrolyzed proteins it reconstructs, cleans and removes impurities and prepares your hair for reconstructive treatment.

Format: 250 ml bottle

Polymeric Reconstructor (Step 2)

It supports the development of keratin within the hair structure. Formulated with creatine, wheat amino acids and soya proteins, it makes the hair feel healthier, vigorous and stronger from the very first application.

Format: 150 ml tube

Moisturizing Micro-Emulsion (Step 3)

It restores vitality and elasticity to hair structure. The active ingredients in the Seaweed Complex (Biopolymers, Mineral salts, Vitamins and Trace elements) act synergistically to moisturize the hair, strengthening it and giving it more resistance.

Format: 200 ml bottle

Revitalizing Spray (Step 4)

An all-in-one revitalizing treatment spray which moisturizes and provides active heat protection. Makes styling easier and completes the reconstruction process. Formulated with hydrolyzed keratin proteins, creatine, and active heat-resistant components.

Format: 100 ml bottle