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May 30, 2016
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Lisap Easy Build Review – My Beauty Box -Lisap Easy Build 4-Step Hair Reconstruction System Review

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted long hair. I tried everything to make it grow but due to the fact that my hair is fine and so finicky that I need to tame it with a hot styling tool every time I wash it I always end up with split ends and I need to cut it and start all over again.
I was sent the Lisap Easy Build 4-Step Hair Reconstruction System and I have to admit I was really eager to try it when I saw the system touted as “Botox” for your hair. The products look modest in their white, sleek packaging and some of the bottles only features instruction in Italian which I was able to understand given that I am fluent in Romanian and the two languages are so close.
Basically the system includes 4 steps: a Chelating Shampoo, a Reconstructor, a Moisturizing Emulsion and a Revitalizing Spray. You can read all about the science behind the products here.

 I used the products all together every single time I used them with the exception of the Spray which I am addicted to. I noticed a dramatic improvement the in my hair the first time I used the system, my hair looked healthier, felt healthier, less brittle and fragile… it looked as good as it would after a fresh trim. I continued to use the system once every 2 weeks or whenever my hair needed a boost. I am not sure which product does what exactly but the whole treatment works miracles in revitalizing my hair so much so that I skipped my haircut this season, that’s how much healthier my hair looks.
I know this is all so subjective, it’s hard to measure exactly the degree of improvement in my hair but the difference is definitely noticeable. My hair handles heat better, feels so much stronger and kinda does look like it got a boost.

The proof is in the… hair. Check out a few snaps from the past month.

*Products provided for consideration. This does not influence my opinions or reviews

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